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Always In Stock
At AquaQuoteInStock, we redefine availability. Every item you see on our site is not only in stock, but ready to ship immediately. No backorders, no delays – what you see is exactly what you get, exactly when you need it.
Rapid Shipments
Downtime can be catastrophic, and we understand that. That’s why we track every order with our shipping partners until it reaches your doorstep. And you’re notified every step of the way.
Concierge Support
Our dedicated team is available throughout your buying journey. From helping you make the right purchase to keeping you updated about your shipment, we’re always there.

New In-Stock Products

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In stock:
$ 1,238.00 
Hydranautics SANRO HS2-8
Hydranautics SANRO HS2-8
Available as of:
March 5, 2024
In stock:
$ 235.00 
Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040
Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040
Available as of:
March 4, 2024
In stock:
$ 180.00 
Global Aqua MBW-4040
Global Aqua MBW-4040
Available as of:
March 4, 2024
In stock:
$ 185.00 
Global Aqua XLP-4040
Global Aqua XLP-4040
Available as of:
March 4, 2024

Notable Customers

SpaceX works with AquaQuote to fulfill their water and wastewater treatment requirements
NASA works with AquaQuote to fulfill their water and wastewater treatment requirements
The USDA works with AquaQuote to fulfill their water and wastewater treatment requirements
The US Navy works with AquaQuote to fulfill their water and wastewater treatment requirements
Danisco works with AquaQuote to fulfill their water and wastewater treatment requirements
Procter & Gamble (P&G) works with AquaQuote to fulfill their water and wastewater treatment requirements

How it works

Exclusively Reserved Inventory | Industrial products and equipment in stock on AquaQuoteInStock

Exclusively Reserved Inventory

We partner with leading suppliers to bring you an exclusive inventory of water treatment products. These items are in stock and ready to ship instantly, exclusively reserved for AquaQuoteInStock customers.
Time-limited items | Industrial products and equipment in stock on AquaQuoteInStock

Time-Limited Listings

Each product is listed for a specific, short period. Within this timeframe, it is guaranteed to be in stock and ready for you. Once the listing period is over, the item is open to the broader market, and is no longer guaranteed to be in stock for our customers.
Refreshed delivery | Industrial products and equipment in stock on AquaQuoteInStock

Constantly Refreshed Selection

We keep our inventory fresh and up-to-date. If an item sells or the listing period ends, it is removed from our site. We update our listings weekly to ensure you always have access to in-stock, ready-to-ship items.

Customer Reviews

OMG! You are fast. I love it. As a person in charge of procurement, I am going to start using AquaQuote. I was so getting my butt kicked today about these membranes then this amazing person comes into the website via a pop up screen and she is super helpful and super quick. I have a quote in less than twenty minutes. Just about an hour later I have a tracking number and order confirmation. This is unheard of service. The banner at the top of your website should say, “World Class Customer Service.”
Chris Masi
NEWT Water Solutions
I began using AquaQuote when I needed to buy a number of good quality RO membranes for my water purification business. AquaQuote came through with the best estimate, better than some 12 other sites I have ordered from. I continue to use AquaQuote for other water filtration products, and the company has never disappointed me. If you have the chance, ask for Yve. She will actually call you over the phone to update an estimate or explain an invoice. She's personable and works hard to keep up with her customers and their needs. Highly recommended!
Erin Ward
Thank you and your shipping team for the prompt service. You reset the bar quite high, shipping the same day on an order placed after 1 pm. That is great customer service, who could ask for more.
Andy Kennett
Kennett Technology
It's not when things are going great that will tell you if the company is good or not; it's when things are going bad, and you get to see how they think, how they resolve issues, that's what makes them great and you and your company have shown that in how you handled this.
Steve Johnson
“Thanks for all that you do to assist me with my orders. You are one of the best.
Sandra Haugen
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Awesome service! Have a very happy new year.
Bruce Dey
Membrane Shop Pty Ltd
Quick service has impressed our Australian Filmtec distributor.
Bruce Dey
Vertex Hydropore Pty Ltd.
Hi Yve, super fast! Happy Friday, Thanks!
Hector Valle
Soluciones Para Hotel
Very friendly and helpful. Thanks.
Jim Sorgatz
Mormon Lake Water Company, Inc.
I appreciate your help and most excellent Customer Service !
Dave Garcia
Amcor Limited
Hi Edward, Thanks so much for such a good service.
Ruben Medina
The Water Shops (Aust) Pty Ltd
Hi Edward, Thanks so much! We really do appreciate the efforts made to get this order done. Have a lovely evening.
Ruben Medina
The Water Shops (Aust) Pty Ltd
Thank you for your help with the order. It went very smoothly because of your help.
Brian Adams
Northstar Chemical
Thank you very much dear Edward, you´re so professional!
Carlos Jose Arroyo
N S I de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
No problem, and the next time we need filters like this I will be contacting you! OK, no worries. Just do it the way it was set up. No need for a refund. Once again, I really appreciate all your help with this order. Thank you.
Joe Watson
Mancor Industries
Thanks, Edward. It was a good experience.
Jeff Cole
North Coast
We appreciate your efforts to provide the best service for your customers.
Cecilio Rodriguez- Prieto
Horizon Solution LLC
We are very satisfied, thank you very much
Gabriela Anaya Morales
Surtind Imp & Exp, S.A. de C.V.
Yes, we received the shipments and were pretty happy and glad to inform you of your outstanding service. Wish you a great journey in business with us in the future.
Deepak Kumar
CECO Environmental
Thanks Edward, for your kind help during the chat-session. You’ve been great! Looking forward to receiving your quote and hopefully we can work together more in the future.
Edward Verweij
Thank you very much for this message and notice that you already shipped the 6 RO membranes to us by FedEx. We thank you also for all the care you put in to attend to our request and hope to call you for the next order of RO membranes. Maybe we could call you again if at the time to make the clear customs deal custom broker needs any further clarification of the documents invoice. Please also say “thank you to Noemi Kis, CEO of Aqua Quote” in our name.
Carlos Arroyo
N S I de Mexico SA de CV
Thank you very much for the quick work, I appreciated it.
ChuanFang Yang
Our order has been received in good condition. Thank you for the good service.
Bruce Dey
Vertex Hydropore Pty Ltd
I’m satisfied with your prompt reply and impressed with fast shipping. I’m looking forward to the next business.
Mark Chang
Laser Technology Co. Ltd
Thank you very much. If you have any questions, we will certainly contact you. You are doing your job very well.
Bakarat Group
Thank you, Ems. Really appreciate your prices and service!
Erin Ward
Great service!
Wholesale Yacht Parts
Thank you for following up. Delays on airfreight are to be expected in this era. Your service is very good.
Bruce Dey
Vertex Hydropore Pty Ltd
Thank you for the last shipment of membranes, they are performing great. I will be in contact should I need anything else.
Gary Kameehonua
Thank you for all your help. We will tell all our sailing friends to recommend your office as very friendly and helpful. Stay healthy in this crazy time.
Heike Münch
I am very satisfied with the purchase. These are in a boat and I will probably sell the boat before they need replacement.
David and Susan Scott
Thank you for contacting us and sorry that I did not reply back to you soon. Yve, we have received our order and our customer is really happy about the order of membranes. Hopefully, we can get another order this year and will contact you. Thank you for your support and looking forward to continuing to work with you, have a great weekend!
Frank Beltran
Industrial Plus

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